Motivational Videos For Insurance Agents
Motivational Videos For Insurance Agents


How To Find Motivational Videos For Insurance Agents

Hey insurance folks out there if you are looking for motivational videos for insurance agents I may be able to help. My name is Rob and I have been an insurance agent for about 20 years now. I have been involved as a captive agent, a group sales agent, and lastly a independent agent over the years of my career. I would like to give a couple of my opinions on what I have done in marketing over that time span and what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Lastly I have started to offer my services to other agents out there that may be struggling to find leads either online or offline to further their careers. I would like to talk about the following in depth!

  • How To Establish An Online Presence
  • Setting Up You First Social Profiles
  • Getting A You tube Video About Your Business

I know that topic of this page is supposed to be all about motivational videos for insurance agents, which I will get to. However I think the best way to motivate yourself is to get your marketing and online presence in order. What I have found throughout my insurance career is that I relied too heavily on the agency or fmo (field marketing org) I was working for at the time to provide leads to me. There is nothing more deflating then to sign up or become an agent and find out that all the promises that were made to you don’t work out.

This isn’t to say that working for an agency, an insurance company, or fmo is bad. I am just saying that you can’t rely 100 percent on them to find your next lead or sale for insurance. Trust me I have been down that road and been promised the world.  Sure for the first few months I was able to work orphan files or accounts that have been abandoned. This is typically not going to last, at some point you are expected to bring in your own leads. Now how exactly do you do that?



Sample Auto Insurance Marketing Video- We Have Tons of Them For Life, Health, Medicare

Cold Calling Family and Friends Is Not Always Fun!

We have all heard of project 1oo’s right? That is where you make names of your friends, relatives, and colleagues. You are expected to go out and market to them in the hopes they will sign up with you. The problem is that most of your friends know that you are new to the business. Some will sign up out of sympathy, while others are just going to plain out tell you No! Again some people realize that you are new and just don’t have the confidence in you that you would like them to have. Plus it is just plain uncomfortable to be asking your friends if they are interested in the products that you are selling.

I was never comfortable with it and that doesn’t mean that it is wrong, its just not for everybody. Plus I always felt like if I asked too much, then people were not going to want to socialize with me. Again there is a fine line and a balance on how to approach your friends and some people are great and some not so great. So you really need to pick and choose your battles. I think once you build up confidence, get some clients and experience, you will be more apt to go after your friends and colleagues. Again this goes against some of the teaching out there, however this is all opinion based right?

So with that said, how else do you find prospects for your business? When I was selling and counseling people the number one method was cold calling and mailing people. Cold calling was the most effective and also one of the most depressing. Does it work, sure absolutely it still does and to this day still the most effective. However it is also one of the worst ways to do it. What I mean by that is- with all the do not call lists out there and the crack down on cold calling- you could get yourself in hot water fast. For me, because I deal a lot with medicare clients you really have to be careful with the cold calling laws and what you can and cannot say over the phone.

Now I mentioned mailing people earlier. This used to be one of the best ways to get in front of people. You would would simply mail out a educational piece on insurance and people would respond back with a reply card. It was great you would have people’s information and be able to call them back and tell them that you received their reply card about whatever insurance that you were selling at the time. It was highly effective until two things happened. The first was the sky rocketing of stamps and bulk mail, the second was the evolution of the internet.

Mailing used to be pretty cheap. You could mail 1000 piece mailer for about 250.00 dollars give or take. Depending on what you were mailing for you could get a really decent rate of return. For example if you were sending a mailing out to people on medicare you could get as high as 8-10 percent on that mailing. So for every mailing you could get back 80 or 100 lead cards which was fantastic. If you take out the non responders, false phone numbers, etc.. You were still going to sit down with at least 15 or 20 people and you know you were going to get at least 5-7 sales once you actually sat with those people. Commissions on medicare supplement plans and advantage plans are pretty good too, anywhere from $250 to 500 a sale.

If we are talking life insurance they could be 500 to 1000 per sale. Granted the response rate would be lower. Now in 2017, mailers for that same thousand piece mailing is around $480 or so. Response rate is on average 3% for medicare and around 1-2% for life insurance. So now your costs are up and your return for leads is down. You better be a good closer or have a big bank account to keep getting the same amount of leads. Why is that you ask exactly? Its because people are turning to the internet to get advice rather than relying on mail for information. Let’s take a look at a few things.

Since early 2001 the internet has grown by leaps and bounds. Search engines have evolved, people are becoming more aware and lastly the price of computers has fallen dramatically. The average price of just an ok laptop or IPAD is around 200 to 300 bucks. Almost anyone can afford to have a home computer now. Even going on your phone to research insurance topics is now possible, making the phone book, mailers and other forms of advertising obsolete. The point is that even your grandmother is using the internet and chances are she probably has a facebook profile and she probably tweets quite often! This is the perfect transition to social media marketing.

Using Social Media To Find Insurance Prospects or Clients

So why social media marketing? Why bother setting up a face book page, a twitter, a pinterest, etc… Its because people actually go to these sites and interact on a regular basis. In fact your potential customers are hanging out there right now and its a great way to interact with them without cold calling them or bugging the crap out of them. Before I get ahead of myself on how to use these social media opportunities, first lets look at the ones you should really have. I think in my opinion, you should have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is one of the best social type sites out there and anyone who is anyone probably has a LinkedIn profile already set up. Its a great place to make connections with other business owners who are looking for connections. Typically LinkedIn has a lot more business professionals and owners that have higher net worths and are there for one thing- connections.

Is Facebook The Most Popular Platform For Advertising Insurance?

On the other hand a lot of people talk about Face book being the most popular and it has more members than linked in. However most people on fb are just looking to socialize they are not really looking for business referrals or to make business connections. Again though depending on what type of insurance you sell, it could be a gold mine for prospects. For example if you sell auto insurance, it could be a great place to prospect. Most people on Face book most likely have a car and probably are always looking to save money on auto insurance. This would be a great place to share informational articles about saving money on auto insurance. If you look around there are plenty of articles that you could find that are out there on this topic. You could place a link to your site after saying “hey after you read this article I could potentially save you some money.”

You could also write your own articles about how to save money on auto insurance, medicare supplement plans, health insurance etc… There are really a lot of possibilities, you just really need to brainstorm and think about past clients that you may have worked with, to get some ideas. The other benefit to having a face book fan page is that you can approach your friends and family in a non direct salesy way. If you post articles on a regular basis, chances are they are going to call you at some point, rather than you having to call them. Even if you don’t have a lot of friends on fb, you can advertise on their platform. I do it all the time, because the targeting is unbelievable. You can get the person’s gender, age, interests, groups they may be a part of. The list goes on and on, it is one of the best platforms to sign up for,  and do an advertising campaign. Fb is also reasonable to advertise on and you don’t need a huge budget. LinkedIn on the other hand is much more expensive to advertise on, however you may get a higher quality of client, it all really depends.

How To Use Twitter To Gain More Followers For Your Insurance Business!

This brings me to Twitter, which is sort of middle of the road between the two. The crowd on Twitter is mixed, between fb and LinkedIn. There are plenty of people prospecting and promoting business and there are plenty that are just there for entertainment as well. I like twitter because you can follow quite a few people and also build up a nice following of your own. For example I don’t follow other insurance agents, because a lot of them I am in competition with. However you can target the people that are following your competitors because chances are they may be people that are looking for insurance. You can also follow local businesses and I personally like to follow people that are in the same state that I am in. I post a lot of useful articles about how to save money on insurance and things to look out for. Eventually people will get in contact with you and maybe even sign up!

The last social type network I would do- would be to a have a You Tube account. Again I know that You tube is not for everybody, however it just adds more credibility if you have one. You don’t have to do any fancy videos or set up a green screen. In fact you don’t even need to buy any fancy equipment or editing software. A lot of this stuff you can find for free and can be done with a simple camera phone. I have seen many insurance agents become highly successful at just making simple iphone vids while sitting in their office or their car. One of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition is to have a you tube video about yourself and your services. People will trust you more because they can see a face and connect with a person vs someone that they cannot see who may be several states away.

How To Use You Tube To Get More Insurance Clients

Again all of this may seem a little intimidating at first, however if you take it slow you can do all of this. Many times when I was lost I would just go to You Tube or some other video sharing site and google the topic I was looking for. Chances are someone has made an instructional video about how to do whatever you are wanting to learn about. I learned how to do green screening by watching you tube videos. I learned how to set up my first website by watching an instructional video. I also learned how to optimize my sites so that people like you can find me through video. Again at the very least I would set up a face book, linkedin and twitter profile for yourself. Those will add credibility off the bat and will also be a great place for you to start marketing. You Tube doesn’t have to be set up right away, you can always do that down the road. I also specialize in doing that type of thing and have many videos that could help get you going and promoting your insurance career. Contact me if you are interested in my services or have questions in general 860-268-3953 Thanks Rob!


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Motivational Videos For Insurance Agents

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