Digital Marketing Agency Ct
Digital Marketing Agency Ct
Digital Marketing Agency Ct

What Can A Digital Marketing Agency Ct Provide For You?

When it comes to hiring a digital marketing agency ct, there are many things to consider. First you must decide your main purpose or goal

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when hiring a marketing firm in ct. Do you want to simply drive more visitors to your website or maybe show off a new product or service that you are launching? Perhaps your business is new to the area and you need to get the word out or what they call “brand recognition” for your company. Maybe you are looking to get more fans for your facebook page or more twitter followers for your social media accounts. Lastly you may have made a new youtube video about your business and you want to get more views and likes on your new offerings, that is always a good reason to hire a marketing agency as well. Guess what, many of those things can be accomplished by hiring a digital marketing agency ct. Let’s say, however that you do not have any of those online items right now, we can help you solve those issues for your business, product or service. This is what a good digital marketing agency can do for you. Get more info here!

How Does A Digital Marketing Agency Ct- Utilize Video For Results?

Let us first start with my favorite form of digital marketing which is video. I love videos for so many reasons and in fact most of this website is dedicated to video marketing. Just to point out, I am not the only one that loves video marketing, so does Google. There is a reason that Google paid 4.3 billion dollars to acquire You Tube almost ten years ago. They knew that video was and is a big deal. In fact by the year 2019 it is predicted that almost 80% of all search will involve some sort of video. So essentially what I am saying is that, if your business does not have

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a video -then you are going to be lagging way behind the times. The good news, is that it is not too late for you to jump on the You Tube marketing band wagon. In fact many businesses still do not have a video about their products or services. I can tell you this, customers will remember a video much more readily than they will (an article) that they may have read about your business. Studies have shown that customers will retain up to 60% of information that they learned from a video vs an article that they may have read or seen during the same time period. Video also does one other very important thing. It helps keep people on your website longer. Google is now factoring in something called dwell time. Dwell time is an important ranking factor when it takes a look at where it positions your site in the serps. Simply put dwell time is – how long some one stays on your site. So for example if someone clicks on your site and then bounces after 50 seconds, then that may not look too favorable to Google. Google will automatically assume that people did not find the information that they were looking for and therefore decide to bounce or leave the site. Whereas if you have an engaging video on your site, people may stay and watch it for 2 , 3,  minutes or more. This looks good in Google’s eyes and therefore they may reward you by giving your site a higher ranking in the search engines.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Ct- How Does On Page Optimization Work?

Next up on the digital marketing platform is (seo) or what is known as search engine optimization. Seo is probably one of the most sought after and asked about services because of one simple reason- (everybody wants to be number 1). If you control the first position of Google for

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your business, product, or what ever you promote, you can almost guarantee that you are going to get leads, sales, and opt-ins for mailing lists. Whatever you are looking to accomplish you can most likely do it, by having your site highly optimized in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other number of search engines. By far the largest of the search engines is Google. Google gets almost 80% of the search engine traffic and really does dominate all other traffic sources when it comes to getting organic traffic. This isn’t to knock the other search engines, as you can certainly still get quality traffic from them as well. By and large however, you really want to optimize your site for Google first and worry about the others down the road (my personal opinion).  In any event the first thing that you really need to figure out, is what type of keywords you want to go after. This is actually the most important step. You need to use and find some keyword tools to help you do this or have a good digital marketing agency ct, help you with this crucial step. Many business owners write great content, however do not really understand how to optimize their content to stand out from all of their competitors. You really need to decide what keywords relate to your business and then research if people are looking for those keywords. Lastly you also have to evaluate your competition level to see if the keyword is realistic to go after. If the keyword is too difficult then you are going to have an uphill battle trying to get it ranked, especially if you are a small local business and do not have a full time seo consultant at your disposal. This is where hiring a true and dedicated digital marketing agency ct will come into play. Marketing agencies in ct can help you determine the right keywords for your business and can even write the content for you. They will make sure that your content is optimized and that Google and other search engines will pick up your new blog posts and rank them on page 1 of search. By the way this is known as on page optimization. There is something else called off page optimization which is what we will look at next!


So off page optimization is when other sites start to link to your site. For simplicity sake this something called backlinking. This is where a link from your site or post is placed on another site. Ideally you want your links to be placed on sites that are similar in content and topics as your own site. For example if you are a local dentist, you would want sites that are in that same niche linking to your own site. Google values

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this and it shows to the search engines that you are an authority in your niche. This doesn’t happen overnight, but with good content writing and with plenty of articles and posts, you can start to really build a following. A good digital marketing agency in ct can find opportunities to place your links and get the word out about your business or service. The opposite can also be true however. If your links get placed on a lot of non related websites or low quality websites, then your own website can be penalized. For example if that same dentist site’s link is placed on tons of car rental sites or dog training sites this could be dangerous to the dental site. These sites are completely unrelated and Google sees this and may issue a penalty to your site or simply not rank your site as high. Now of course Google understands that your links are going to end up on unrelated sites and that is completely ok. You just do not want all of your links ending up on unrelated or low quality sites, because Google will look at this unfavorably or even think that you are doing unnatural link building. You must be careful about marketing agencies in ct and who you hire to do your off page promotion. One of the best ways to get backlinks is through social media and this will be the next topic that we will explore!


Digital Marketing Ct- How Does Social Media Work?

So now that you have learned about videos, seo and backlinking- let us explore social media. This is one of the most popular and fastest growing

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segments of digital marketing which is social media, surprise! Everybody wants to have thousands of twitter followers, likes, comments, shares, friends- all that fun stuff. I always ask people however- “Do you want likes and followers or customers?” Many people pause because they are stunned by the question. I know many owners who think that because they have 4000 likes on facebook that they are doing extremely well. That maybe so, but do owners really know how many people that liked their page actually became a patron or bought their product. Most will say absolutely not and there is no way of absolutely knowing if a facebook fan or twitter follower actually did anything to engage with their business. I know I myself have liked stuff that I never had any intention of buying, visiting or eating. However many business owners think that having this huge following is the answer to their business. In some cases it very well maybe and I am by no means knocking social media, you absolutely have to have a presence. I however think that sometimes it can be overrated if that is the only means of marketing, especially for local businesses. Now that I have pointed out the negatives, lets talk about the positives. Social media can be a great form of advertising and branding because guess what- for the most part it is free! Think about this people pay thousands of dollars a month to put up billboards, radio ads, and tv commercials to a local or national audience. With social media and the right content and marketing plan -you can accomplish the same for free or with pennies on the dollar. If you write good or great content, post fun images or videos, you can attract followers for free. With social media you can also set up ads very cheaply and with the right targeting get your message across to thousands of potential customers. If you pick the right digital marketing agencies ct, they can help to select the right audience and budget for your business to get your message across.


One way that I like to use ads is with Facebook. If you recall earlier we had talked about video marketing and how effective You Tube can be with getting your video out. You can actually do the same with Facebook and do it for pennies on the dollar. Facebook has their own version of video marketing and you can upload a video which will play in someone’s news feed. You can target your ideal audience and have that video playing while people are scrolling through their news feed. It will capture people’s attention much more quickly than just uploading an article or even a picture. People are much more likely to click on it, which brings your ad spend down dramatically. You can also add links that people can click on to view your website, post or whatever action you would like them to perform. A good digital marketing firm can help you to set up an engaging video that people would most likely be interested in seeing about your business, product or whatever you are promoting. This will surely help you to get quality followers and fans in a quick and efficient manner. Lastly I would like to point out that- the more your link for your website gets shared, the more points you earn in Google’s eyes. Google tracks how often your video, website or post is shared. The more it gets shared, the more favorable Google sees your website and the quicker they will rank it in the search engines. If you recall we talked about backlinking in the previous paragraph. Google likes to see social proof first and foremost and getting your business shared on social networks is great proof that your website is popular and worthy of being ranked. If you think about it, why would other websites link to you, if no one is sharing your content on social media. The answer is- they would not, and this looks fishy to Google. So the moral of the story is to make sure that you get your content shared as much as possible on social media. Here is one more tip that I am going to add and this only applies if you are a local business.  Make sure that you get yourself in the google maps listings! We will talk about that next!

Digital Marketing Agencies in Ct- Google Local Maps

So google maps is another hot topic if you are a local business. I won’t go into too much detail here, as there are a lot of moving parts that would need to be explained in person or over the phone. Any digital marketing agency in ct or elsewhere should be knowledgeable in this

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area! Essentially when you Google a local business or you look for a local service online, one of the first things that you see is the maps listings in Google. You will see a giant map and then usually 3 local business listed. So for example plumber in hartford ct or lawyer in plainville ct, or restaurants in glastonbury ct. These are local searches and should produce three listings to choose from with address, phone number and website. This is the first thing that people notice when they do a google search. Google used to list 6 businesses and now over the last year or so started to list 3 businesses. So ranking in the Google local business directory just got a lot tougher.  If you work with a good digital marketing agency ct however, you will be able to get your business listed in these directories. There are a few tips and tricks to getting your business listed there. The 1st is that you need to claim your Google business listing. I am surprised at how many businesses have not claimed or set up their Google page or business listing from the get go. This is the first thing that tells Google that you are a real business. The second step is to make sure that your address and information is correct in the listing and it has to be uniform and the same throughout all of your citations. If you do not know what a citation is then you need to consult with a digital marketing agency in ct. Essentially a citation is a business listing in yellow pages, trip advisor, or any of the other popular review site. They will list your business in the directory sometimes for free or for a fee. You need to list your business in a variety of directories. The one step that almost everybody gets wrong, is that they list their business incorrectly. They either leave out a comma or add an extra letter or incorrectly spell something. Any variation in business listings can throw off Google and really prevent you from getting listed in the Maps Listings. Lastly aside from citations, you also need reviews and sharing of your maps listings. Reviews from your customers is hugely important when trying to get your business listed in the Google Maps Listings on the first page of Google. You also need to share your map as much as possible. There is a share link in the maps and you need to put it in your posts and on social media as much as you can. If you follow these steps, there is a good chance you will end up on the first page of google in the maps listings top 3! So what can a digital marketing agency in ct do for you? Check out the next paragraph for details.

So What Can A Digital Marketing Agency In Ct Do For Your Small Business?

So a digital marketing agency ct, can do a lot of things for both small, medium and large sized businesses. If you are a business owner in Connecticut and need to have any or all of the above services performed for your business then our firm RJB Online Marketing can certainly evaluate, quote and perform those marketing tasks for your business. You just need to get in touch with us and we will have one of our representatives call you back immediately to ask- your business some basic information! So if you are impressed with what we have to offer or maybe still have some more questions- please feel free to give us a call today!  Thank you so much for reading our presentation on what a digital marketing agency ct can do for your business!

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Digital Marketing Agency Ct

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