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How To Choose Advertising Agencies in Ct

When it comes to choosing advertising agencies in ct there are many options. Many small to medium size companies struggle to get a presence online. Most companies want to be on the front page of google, but few know how or even why they want to be there. What most do not realize is that- this is where your customer base is looking for you! Sure word of mouth is great and can work for a lot of businesses. For example restaurants- this works very well for. People hear that the restaurant has good pizza, great hamburgers, or the best fries in town! People are going to flock to that restaurant by word of mouth and check it out. Let’s say however you offer a lesser known service like “being the best dui lawyer in town,” for example. People are going to be less likely to brag about that service as they don’t want people to know they got a dui. That is where the internet comes into play. Many people, including your potential customers will go to the internet to look for those type of services. There are also many other businesses that this applies to, there are too many to list in this article, but you get the point! This is why you may be in need of advertising agencies in ct. This is what we do! Let’s check out some more examples of why you may need our services.


What Can Advertiser Agencies in Ct Do For You?

Let’s take another example, of why you would want to be on page one of google for obvious or maybe not so obvious reasons. A lot of businesses get sold on advertising over radio, mailers, or tv commercials. Right now mailers are receiving about 1 percent return for every 1000 mail pieces sent out. So for example if you sent out 1000 pieces to a neighborhood near your business, you might get back a return of 10 replies. Of the 10 replies, statistics show that you will land 1 to 3 customers depending upon how good of a salesperson you are or maybe what your business is offering. That maybe a good roi [return on investment] if you are offering high ticket items, perhaps if you are a plastic surgeon or lawyer, but by and large most businesses do not get a high roi. Even offering coupons can be chancy if,  you do not get enough people to engage with your business product or service. I know that the average mailing services are charging $500 dollars per 1000 piece mailing. I know because I used them for years for my insurance business. This is before I transferred everything to online advertising and video. With that said, let’s look at an even more costly avenue which is tv and radio advertising.

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Why Choosing The Right or Wrong Marketing Agency Ct Could Cost You

I have  a friend that owns a landscaping company here in Connecticut. He did tv advertising with a local news station. Their total out lay was over 10,000 dollars for a three month spot. They landed approximately 3 clients over that time period. Now granted they did cover their costs, however it was only one client that actually got them over the top and made them profitable. Imagine if they did not land that one client -what would have happened to their ROI. There is nothing wrong with advertising on the radio or tv, again I am not bashing it, as it works. The problem is, that you need a big budget for it to work and also need to pick the right market and times for it to be effective. Most small to medium sized businesses just do not have the money to make it work. We call this the “spray and pray” method in the ad industry. You are spraying your message out to hundreds or even thousands of people in Ct and hoping that out of those thousands, that someone not only hears your message at the right time, but is also interested. My agency does things a little differently.

Why Hire Advertising Agencies in Ct?

What I have found is that the internet is hugely effective at capturing 100 percent targeted audiences. I know that is a big surprise right? What I am saying is that I am huge believer in video advertising, seo, and social media to capture the ideal audience for your business, product or service that you are offering. Think about this, if someone is searching for plumbers in hartford ct, or restaurants in plainville ct, or lawyers in new britain ct and they see your video, website or maps listing. Do you think they are ready to act? Again let me reiterate. If someone took the time to google the keyword phrase “hire a plumber in manchester ct” – they are serious about your business or product you are offering? They are 100 percent going to act on hiring you vs the 1000 mailers you sent out to random people near your business that probably are not interested in hiring you. That is the big difference between advertising online and sending out random commercials that are not targeted to your audience. With that said, I believe video stands out shoulders and above any other type of advertising!

Advertising Agencies in Connecticut

Let me give you a clear example. There are 10 spots on the first page of google. Most people- in fact (80-90 percent of searchers) do not go past the first page of search (according to google). That means that you need to get on the first page and make a good first impression right away. Also most potential customers do not move past the first 1 to 6 positions in google advertisers. So even though you may be on the first page, if you are in the bottom 4 positions, you may as well be on page 2. Statistically most people also only look at the first three positions of google, so if you are in position 4-6 your chances of getting clicked on, also drop dramatically. How then, do you combat standing out from the crowd with your slogans? Guess what, I mentioned this before- it’s through video. Most don’t realize that google owns youtube subscriptions. They bought youtube back in 2008 or so for billions of dollars. In case you haven’t figured it out, google loves google. So guess what-  they favor their own properties and therefore rank them higher and easier than websites. Stay tuned for further info on youtube video marketing in ct! By the way forget about billboards they are one of the most expensive ways of advertisements in my opinion. Marketers need to spend their money wisely if they want any airtime that is meaningful and fulfills their revenue and revenues goals. Also you may be hit up by tons of media offering tons of adverts that are useless or misleading to what your final advertised goals really are. Be careful of misleading consumers about your end user product. Useless jingles on tv or billboards is a waste of money sometimes, unless your goals are clearly thought out!

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The reason that I love using youtube video campaigns for branding as that they stand out like a soar thumb. What you may not know is that when you make a youtube video about your business, product, or service- youtube adds a cool thumbnail to the google listings. That is right folks – a picture of your business is added into the google search listings. So for example if you have a restaurant, plumbing business, plastic surgery or whatever, that picture of the video gets added into the listings in google.  Your business or product sticks out over the other listings that all look the same. Remember there are 10 listings on the first page. Imagine if you had picture that says video on it or in the listing. What do you think most people are going to click on? Of course most likely they are going to click on the video thumbnail over the other plain websites that all look identical. Also remember that google favors properties that they own, so they are more likely to rank your video over other websites that they do not own. It doesn’t always work, however there is a good bet that it will over time. Also most people will gain a sense of trust if they see video of your products or services over just a plain website. They are more likely to do business with you as they see something visual from you and can relate to what you offer.

Hey one last thoughts folks before my final paragraph. Make sure that you are careful about crafting unsolicited emails and deceptive messages. The FTC is looking out for consumerism and it is at all time high. You do not want to get caught sending out emails with deceptive tagline and contextual posters that do not have anything to do with their business or a consumer. It is one thing to be helpful, but it is another to spam as posters or send false information.


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Again these are just some thoughts that I have for your business or service. My firm also offers seo (search engine optimization) which allows your website to get on page one of google. This would be in addition to the video services that I offer which also would allow you to get on page one of google. We also specialize in google maps listings. This is one of the first things that people see on google which is the maps pack that many city google listing offer. This is also very highly effective in getting calls to your business. Lastly we offer social media advertising and again using video, combined with social media advertising is highly recommended! If you are looking for any or all of these services please give us a call today and ask for Rob 860-268-3953! Thanks for listening! We strive to be one of the best advertising agencies in ct!


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